Dot Connect Free Game
Forget boring static connect-the-dots games... Connect moving dots in this original, addictive dot connecting game. How many can you connect?
  • Single & Dual strand game modes
  • Use Power-Ups if you start to panic
  • Connect Bonus dots for an added score multiplier
  • Smooth color-changing background
  • Easy and fun to play, but more challenging the further you progress


CONTROLS: Click the next dot in sequential order to connect it. Keep the mouse clicked and drag to the next dot or across multiple dots. Click any of the three Power-Ups to enable them.

GAMEPLAY: You must connect dots in sequential order. Connect white dots to other white dots. Connect black dots to other black dots. Connect 5 or more dots without lifting your finger to trigger the bonus mode. During the bonus mode, colored bonus dots will begin to appear. Connect the bonus dots to either a white or black string of dots. The game speed and dot frequency will continue to increase over time. If you get into trouble, select one of the three power-ups for temporary assistance. If a dot goes off the screen, the string is broken... you will lose a life and start over from one. The game is over when you have zero lives remaining.

SCORE: Connecting a single dot is worth 1 point. Connect a string of 2 dots for a score multiplier of x2. Connect a string of 3 dots for a score multiplier of x3. Connect a string of 4 dots for a score multiplier of x4. Connect a string of 5 or more dots for a score multiplier of x5. Connect a bonus dot for an additional score multiplier of x2.

POWER-UPS: Wall Bounce (square icon) - the screen perimeter will be temporarily lined with walls so that dots bounce to stay on screen. When activated, Wall Bounce will last for 10 seconds. Next Dot (circle icon) - the next dot in sequential order will be temporarily highlighted with a colored border, making it easier to locate. When activated, Next Dot will last for 20 seconds. Half Time (clock icon) - the overall dot speed is temporarily reduced by half. When activated, Half Time will last for 10 seconds.

DISPLAY: In the top-lefthand corner is the menu button, followed by the three Power-up buttons, in order: Wall Bounce, Next Dot, and Half Time. In the top-middle is the score display, with the string length meter underneath. The number of lives remaining is displayed at the bottom-center of the screen.


Free Dot Connect Game Online Dot Connect Game Free Connect the dots Game Free

Dot Connect Free Game